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February 2, 2016 - Comments Off on Prototyping meetup Korea hosted by Daylight

Prototyping meetup Korea hosted by Daylight





We held a prototyping event in Seoul, Korea. Our goal for this event was to connect with local designers and share learnings. We were able to invite only 70 people but received over 130 sign-ups. It was great to invite designers, developers and strategists from many well-known organizations such as Samsung, LG, Line, Kakao, Naver and many start-ups. Starting with Dan's introduction, Junu shared his prototyping experience at Daylight and IDEO. David held two tutorial sessions for prototyping tools, namely Form and Framer. The feedback was great and it was a meaningful experience. We hope to continue to learn and share with other great designers, thinkers and makers in the local community.

Special thanks to Christopher Han from SAP Korea, and two external speakers, Tony Kim and Joeng Young Lee.