September 16, 2016 - Comments Off on Daylight’s interview with Adobe Creative Cloud

Daylight’s interview with Adobe Creative Cloud


The Adobe Creative Cloud team recently interviewed Daylight's founders Brett and Sven Newman about designing the User Experience (UX) for Internet of Things (IOT) Devices.

"IOT design requires a sharp focus on user needs that conveys the benefit quickly. “One question we always ask ourselves about a product is:  How much work is it to get to ‘Wow!’ You have to engage them and prove the value in the first three clicks or actions,” says Brett.

Designers at Daylight apply their skills to a wide range of projects. “One team in our studio is thinking about the user experience of a smart product in the world of hiking and camping. Another is designing the UX for a home entertainment system. A third is thinking deeply about user needs in fintech, and a fourth is using tech and design thinking to help address the daunting challenge of human trafficking,” says Sven."

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