September 28, 2016 - Comments Off on UI of Self-Driving Cars

UI of Self-Driving Cars


Pascal Soboll, the director of Daylight's Europe office, spoke with Adobe about his thoughts on the challenges for designing Self Driving Car experiences.

"Soboll believes that design plays a key role in overcoming the challenges currently faced in the self-driving market. “I think that UI/UX designers will need to see their job as not just designing for ease of use, but also designing for a learning curve and transition.”"

"Soboll notes that the dashboard design will be critical. “We will see the dashboard changing slowly. But we will see things like the screens growing. We will see things like the steering wheel eventually being an optional thing by maybe disappearing into the dash and only coming out when needed.” Eventually, manual controls will likely be phased out in exchange for screens that are meant to share information without needing a passenger to act on it."

We can't wait to see what the future of self driving cars would look like!

September 21, 2016 - Comments Off on Service Design workshop at the Triennale in Milan, Italy

Service Design workshop at the Triennale in Milan, Italy


Daylight Munich was invited by Leftloft, one of Italy’s leading communication design agencies to host a 3 day service design workshop at La Triennale in Milan. The goal was to introduce the concept of service design - methods, tools and processes to an interdisciplinary group of around 25 students from various universities and design schools across Italy.

In groups, the students worked on the real-world challenge of reducing food waste. On the first day of the workshop, they interviewed shopkeepers, families, farmers and food producers. What followed was 3 intense days of great collaboration, idea generation and prototyping of concepts.


The teams presented the resulting design concepts on the final day - they included an ‘orphan food’ movement to celebrate close-to-expiry food at supermarkets, community food stations to share excess food within the community of tenants in apartment complexes and a ‘food tracker’ which helps plan your grocery shopping based on one’s consumption pattern.


Pascal later gave a talk about Design Thinking on the closing day which was attended by over 300 people from Milan’s design community.

Photos courtesy: Elisabetta Brian Photography / Leftloft

September 16, 2016 - Comments Off on Daylight’s interview with Adobe Creative Cloud

Daylight’s interview with Adobe Creative Cloud


The Adobe Creative Cloud team recently interviewed Daylight's founders Brett and Sven Newman about designing the User Experience (UX) for Internet of Things (IOT) Devices.

"IOT design requires a sharp focus on user needs that conveys the benefit quickly. “One question we always ask ourselves about a product is:  How much work is it to get to ‘Wow!’ You have to engage them and prove the value in the first three clicks or actions,” says Brett.

Designers at Daylight apply their skills to a wide range of projects. “One team in our studio is thinking about the user experience of a smart product in the world of hiking and camping. Another is designing the UX for a home entertainment system. A third is thinking deeply about user needs in fintech, and a fourth is using tech and design thinking to help address the daunting challenge of human trafficking,” says Sven."

September 14, 2016 - Comments Off on Daylight Offsite at Muir Woods

Daylight Offsite at Muir Woods

We had all our 3 offices - San Francisco, Seoul and Munich come together for the first time at Muir Woods, California in July this year. Here's a peek into all the great discussions, food, hikes and fun!

February 2, 2016 - Comments Off on Prototyping meetup Korea hosted by Daylight

Prototyping meetup Korea hosted by Daylight





We held a prototyping event in Seoul, Korea. Our goal for this event was to connect with local designers and share learnings. We were able to invite only 70 people but received over 130 sign-ups. It was great to invite designers, developers and strategists from many well-known organizations such as Samsung, LG, Line, Kakao, Naver and many start-ups. Starting with Dan's introduction, Junu shared his prototyping experience at Daylight and IDEO. David held two tutorial sessions for prototyping tools, namely Form and Framer. The feedback was great and it was a meaningful experience. We hope to continue to learn and share with other great designers, thinkers and makers in the local community.

Special thanks to Christopher Han from SAP Korea, and two external speakers, Tony Kim and Joeng Young Lee.

December 9, 2015 - Comments Off on UNICEF Kid Power launched nationwide

UNICEF Kid Power launched nationwide

The UNICEF Kid Power app has launched! We collaborated with U.S. Fund for UNICEF to design a companion app to their fitness band that transforms kids' physical activity into food for malnourished kids around the world. We wanted to create a digital experience that would transport kids' imagination and build off their innate motivation to have a positive impact on the world. Learn more about our research and UX design process in our Kid Power case study.


Kid Power has also been getting some fun press: Read more about the kid-friendly wearable-for-good in Mashable, Wired, on, and on


Get your band and download the app today! There are even special 'Star Wars'-themed UNICEF Kid Power fitness bands in time for the movie's opening this winter.


December 9, 2015 - Comments Off on Doing the math for a meaningful career

Doing the math for a meaningful career

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.37.52 PM

When Daniel Kim joined Daylight in 2013, one thing that was abundantly clear was our shared values around meaningful work and life/work balance. Dan was featured in this Fast Company article sharing his secret to intentionally crafting a personally satisfying career over a lifetime.

"Kim did the math. If a design project takes three to four months and he had between 25 to 30 years left in his career, he realized he only had time for about 100 new projects. Put in those terms, time, he realized, was of the essence.

"Kim quit his job and in 2013 moved to the firm Daylight Design, where he opened and oversaw the company's office in Seoul, South Korea. At this new job, he would spend at least half his time doing design work. "Now every time a project comes up, I go through the same thinking process: 'How many projects do I have left in me and is this project worth it?'" says Kim."

We're lucky to have Dan as head of our Asia offices!