• the PAL light attached to bike handle

Thirty Third Parallel PAL

Concept Development
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Brand and Visual Identity

Modular lighting for outdoor adventures.

Thirty Third Parallel came to Daylight with the challenge of reinventing traditional "uni-task" lights—products like flashlights and headlamps—into a highly practical, seamless, and powerful system of portable lighting for outdoor adventures.



"One thing I really appreciate about working with Daylight is that they care. You can see it in the interactions, the whole team really is prideful about their work, in a positive way, and that alignment means a lot."

- Chris, Founder, Thirty Third Parallel

Bringing a new product to life

From initial concept to looks-like works-like prototypes of the product suite, Daylight worked with Thirty Third Parallel to bring PAL to life. PAL pairs with accessories to deliver illumination wherever it’s needed. From early industrial design directions to high-resolution prototyping, we focused on creating a delightful user experience through an innovative coupling mechanism that joins the products functionally and visually. The end results bring unparalleled performance and flexibility to portable lighting.



Features and Benefits

PAL pairs to a family of accessories that make its usefulness virtually unlimited. A patented attachment system uses opposing magnetic poles to seamlessly rotate PAL into a secure mechanical and electrical connection with each accessory transforming it into a flashlight, headlamp, bike light, lantern, and task light. 

Wall Charger

Wall charging means no more dead or rusted batteries when you need your light. The wall charger keeps PAL always charged and at the ready.


A lightweight and ergonomic flashlight handle, the flashlight mount also charges the PAL and doubles its battery life when connected. It also provides a USB port OUT to charge mobile devices on the go.


The headlamp mount provides hands-free illumination, with an adjustable tilt and strap.

Bike Light

PAL can be used on bike rides with this mount, which has an adjustable attachment loop to fit any handlebar.


PAL turns into a glowing lantern through the lantern mount. Collapsable legs allow for both standing and hanging positions.

Task Light

The task light mount enables versatile and dynamic lighting applications with an 18-inch articulating arm and heavy-duty clip.



Our product innovation process resulted in a practical and delightful update to largely unchanged, single-use lighting devices. The strength of the concept and product design, complemented by our branding and communication work, allowed Thirty Third Parallel to secure the necessary funding to move forward with manufacturing.

Most recently, Daylight worked with Thirty Third Parallel to create a video and launch a successful Kickstarter campaign, crowdfunding an additional $50,000. PAL has also been featured on the design blog Core77