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with their food

Back to the Roots Water Garden

Research and Strategy
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering

A self contained sustainable ecosystem for your home

We helped Back to the Roots design and build the Water Garden; the very first home aquaponics system in the world that offers an engaging and simple home farming experience that instantly transforms anyone into an aquaponic farmer. It consists of a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food, where the fish feed the plants and the plants clean the water.


From sketch to production

Back to the Roots came to us with the idea of bringing commercial Aquaponics into the home kitchen as a way to bring people closer to their food. We collaborated closely with aquaponics experts, growers, and a diverse group of potential users. Our research revealed the needs and desires of key target customer segments. Following this research and strategy phase, we embarked on a relentless cycle of iterative brainstorming, design development, engineering, and testing until we arrived at a solution that resonated with the team and with users.



schools nationwide


Water Gardens sold 

Home aquaponics goes national

Water Gardens, with their delightful simplicity and educational value have found their place in homes and schools all over the country. They continue to inspire adults and kids alike, to reconnect to their food and to nature to ultimately set the stage for a healthier and more informed lifestyle. Watch this video to learn more about this journey.

"The Daylight team is special — combining incredible talent with a deep sense of purpose to use their work for social impact."

Nikhil Arora, Co-Founder, Back to the Roots