Launching an award-winning B2B cloud management platform

Bespin Global

Visual Design

Cloud, managed

Bespin is a cloud service optimization platform for businesses using various cloud infrastructures and services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Aliyun and more. Bespin's cloud management business offers end-to-end cloud service management regardless of data type, server environment or service provider. With a set of potential customers waiting for a MVP beta, Bespin was in need of great design to communicate their offering and create a powerful, inviting platform for users.

We worked with Bespin to develop a new name, brand identity, and MVP product experience through a series of design sprints focused on Brand and UX.

Our work on the Bespin brand identity system won a prestigious Red Dot award. The Bespin digital platform has gained significant traction and praise amongst enterprise customers.

Simplified and scalable UX

Bespin’s main users are IT managers, salespeople, and strategic decision-makers who spend significant amounts of money on various cloud services. Viewing, managing, and navigating cloud service-related data is complex, and many users have unique needs. We designed a system that optimizes for each user's most pressing needs. We designed, coded, and iterated on the platform in a modular fashion, moving from global navigation to UI controls to data display modules. The result was a simplified, flexible, and scalable set of UI and UX patterns. This allowed Bespin to adapt and iterate on its business across its ecosystem of applications and features.

A cloud identity with 'force'

The Bespin name was inspired by Bespin, the ‘cloud city’ from Star Wars ‘Empire Strikes Back.’ We worked with the Bespin founding team to come up with this name and a representative brand. We developed a cloud symbol that was designed to dynamically regenerate in different forms, representing the complex needs and environments that Bespin's platform serves. From this base cloud symbol, we communicated the process of data being transferred to the cloud with a single dot and a bold, solid arrow.