Inventing a modular task light for outdoor adventures


Industrial Design

The ultimate multi-tasker

The startup Headspin wanted to rethink “single-task” lights. To challenge the idea of owning a separate flashlight, headlamp, bike light, and lantern, Headspin partnered with Daylight to create a single beautifully designed, portable lighting system for outdoor adventures.

We designed one powerful light that locks into a set of accessories with a delightful spin and click. A compact wall charger guarantees that the light is always ready for the next outdoor adventure.

By partnering with Daylight, Headspin went from an idea on a napkin to a production product on shelves at major outdoor retailers.

Bringing a new product to life

Daylight and Headspin worked together to bring this concept to life through extensive design, prototyping, and testing. From early industrial design directions to high-resolution prototyping, we focused on creating a delightful user experience through an innovative coupling mechanism that joins the light and each of its accessories functionally and visually. The end results bring unparalleled performance and flexibility to portable lighting.

Flexibility like never before

Headspin pairs to a family of accessories that make its use cases virtually unlimited. Our patented attachment system uses opposing magnetic poles to seamlessly rotate the light into a secure mechanical and electrical connection with each accessory.

Design to manufacture

Our product innovation process resulted in a practical and delightful paradigm shift for portable, outdoor lighting. The strength of our concept and product design, complemented by our branding and communication work, allowed Headspin to secure the necessary funding to move forward with manufacturing.

Getting Kickstarted

After Daylight's engagement, Headspin launched a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that propelled the product through manufacturing and onto shelves at major outdoor retailers.