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Extending the brand experience beyond the car

Cars create culture. As part of an effort to define and formulate their new lifestyle brand value “modern premium,” Hyundai Motors turned to Daylight to develop a collection of travel products. Reduced to their essence without waste, and focused on creating brilliant moments during travel, these products represent Hyundai’s effort to extend a Modern Premium experience beyond the automobile.

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Crafting memorable simplicity

Inspired by the feeling of freedom a road trip evokes and design elements across Hyundai vehicles, this collection of products aim to make your trip more memorable, whether you are traveling by yourself or in good company.


The flask unifies delightful usability, practical portability and timeless aesthetics all in one product. The outer shells serve the dual purpose of sharing a drink with a companion as well as providing necessary insulation.


The Hyundai Collection Spoon Set rethinks and questions the conventional idea of a product’s packaging. The package is an integrated case that considers usability and functionality. The ladle acts as the case for the spoon and fork, while the knife doubles as the lid to hold everything together. The Spoon Set goes beyond simplicity in form to provide delightful, unexpected functionality.


Designed to be as easy to use as it is to take on the go, the Hyundai Collection Stool considers all details, visible and hidden, for a modern premium experience. The legs open at different angles to a unique stance and fold to tuck neatly under the seat, maximizing portability. A hidden hinge lock keeps the legs in place in both folded and open states.

Lunch Set

The Lunch Set embodies and celebrates the true spirit of companionship on the road. Designed for maximum portability, the flask and two lunch boxes exist in a seamless union and unfurl to create a memorable meal sharing experience. All the elements are neatly sorted in a hard case that splits and transforms into two separate food trays. 


Global spotlight

The Hyundai Collection has received two IF Design Awards and two Reddot Design Awards, including a “Best of the Best” Reddot and an IF Gold award—the first in Hyundai Motor’s history. These awards have put Hyundai Motor Company on the global spotlight and allow them to better communicate their Modern Premium brand values.  

As we move forward with production, you can catch a glimpse of these products at the Hyundai Motorstudio in Seoul and Moscow. The Hyundai Collection will also be exhibited at the RedDot Design Museum in Singapore until the end of 2016.

"Daylight understood where Hyundai wanted to take the brand, and brought Hyundai's 'Modern Premium' values to life wonderfully through the Hyundai Collection Concepts."

-Mr. Wonhong Cho, Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor Company