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Helping to scale a local restaurant platform

MangoPlate is a fast growing food-tech startup in South Korea. We first met MangoPlate in 2013 when they were an early stage startup, and were struggling to convert downloads to registered users. 

In a series of short and focused design sprints, we targeted specific pain points identified through MangoPlate’s acquisition funnel analysis and our own UX audit. We worked side-by-side with MangoPlate’s internal teams and helped push their product into growth and into a service that people love. One year after launching the redesigned UX, MangoPlate had a 5.5x increase in their mobile app downloads and a 30% increase in average app usage time. 

550% increase in downloads  

30% increase in average usage time

1200% increase in monthly page views

>1m monthly active users

Sprint toward viability

Design sprints are a great way to quickly identify potential needs, generate a range of concepts, prototype, and test with real users to learn what people want and why. Our sprints with MangoPlate helped them get to viable solutions faster. 

Key design principles from the initial sprint such as, “Contextual content (based on location and personal history),“ and “Less than three clicks to wow,” influenced decisions throughout the engagement. 

Some of our solutions that went into the product pipeline include: 

  • Redesigned the user experience and registration flow
  • Added mechanisms to increase engagement
  • Created a new corporate brand identity
  • Complete renewal of responsive desktop & mobile website

Growth through design

MangoPlate released an update with Daylight’s UX flow and rebranded brand identity in December 2014. By December 2015, downloads went from 400,000 to 2.2 million, a 550% increase, and the number of Monthly Active Users passed 1 million. The average app usage increased 30%, from 4.5 minutes to 6 minutes, and monthly page views increased by 1200%, from 1.65 million to 20 million.

MangoPlate successfully raised $6.1 million in their Series A round from top VCs, including SoftBank and Qualcomm Ventures, bringing their total to $7.2 million.

Mangoplate, Korea’s Answer To Yelp, Lands $6.1M And Eyes Expansions Across Asia