Designing an integrated public health system for San Francisco residents

San Francisco Health Network

Visual Design

Neighborly network of care

Prior to partnering with Daylight, the San Francisco Health Network functioned as a loose confederation of public health clinics and hospitals. The varied logos and identities of the the individual health sites created a confusing experience and made it difficult for staff to describe the network and its benefits.

Over the course of a six-month project, Daylight conducted deep community research across neighborhoods and languages. This allowed us to develop a unified brand strategy, story and messaging, and visual identity that resonated with communities and staff alike.

The San Francisco Health Network took ownership of this work and successfully rolled out the new unified brand identity, displaying it publicly and proudly across the city of San Francisco.

"We learned that while our patients loved their clinic, their provider or their health team, they didn’t know they were part of a network.

We set out to fix that."

San Francisco Health Network executive

Shifting focus: from system to patient

Prior to our rebrand work, the San Francisco Health Network's messaging placed emphasis on the providers and the system. The Network described itself as the City’s “only complete system of care.” The Network logo was an icon of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Through our work, we wanted to shift focus from describing the system to communicating the value added for the patient. We sought to:

  • Publicly reaffirm San Francisco’s commitment to accessible health care for all of its residents, regardless of immigration status or insurance;
  • Create a unifying brand that resonated deeply with patients and staff; and
  • Give staff desperately needed tools to clearly and consistently describe the Network, its values, and its services.

Health care is here

During our research, we spoke to over 40 San Francisco Health Network primary care patients from English, Spanish, and Chinese-speaking communities. From our conversations, we heard loud and clear that the San Francisco Health Network primary care clinics are essential parts of each community. San Franciscans take pride in both the quality of care provided and the ease of access for community members. Our brand work promotes what patients said is most important: "world-class care, near you, for you."

Informed by the patients' perspectives, we helped the Network distill their mission into four words: "Health care is here." The new logo is comprised of a heart and a flower. The flower's overlapping petals represent the collaboration and unity of all care providers and patients in the Network. The heart at the center emphasizes the Network's focus on caring for people, and putting the needs of patients first. Finally, we used seven unique colors to celebrate the diversity of San Francisco.

City-wide launch

The San Francisco Health Network and the San Francisco Department of Public Health successfully launched the new brand at more than 30 care sites across San Francisco in August 2017.