Connecting parents and babysitters through a digital platform of trust

Tictoc Croc

Research and Strategy
UX Design
Visual Design
Brand Strategy

Tictoc Croc is a startup founded to provide parents and babysitters with a digital platform to connect. As the platform grew and thrived, Tictoc knew it was vital that their brand and app experience continued to feel trusted by everyone involved, from the parents to babysitters to the children themselves. The company sought out Daylight to help them with this mission-critical effort.

Daylight worked with Tictoc Croc to define their service principles, redefine the brand identity, corporate identity and brand communication, and the user experience for both parents’ and babysitters’ app.

To gain empathy and insights, Daylight spent time learning from existing Tictoc Croc users, as well as interviewing parents who use other child care services.

These insights led to a rework of the UI/UX to increase trust and transparency across the experience. This included reorganizing the process of selecting, requesting, and reserving a sitter so that busy parents could easily predict their progress along the steps. Daylight also renewed the existing brand, defining the logo and brand elements that express the trustworthy, curious, and lively nature of the brand.

The new app, along with the rebranding applied across social media and physical play and the care experience spaces, has cultivated trust and helped Tictoc continue to grow its compelling platform and business.