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Design for people.

Daylight is a global design agency that designs for impact. We stay intentionally small so that we can know our colleagues personally. We focus on work we believe in, and we bring the A-team to every challenge. We have deep skills in UX, visual, product, service and brand design. Throughout all projects—with all clients—our human-centered design fundamentals remain true.


We listen to real people.

Our process starts with curiosity. Understanding the perspectives and knowledge of our clients, their users, and other stakeholders keeps our design practice human-centered. Learning, empathizing, and understanding are threads that run through our work from kickoff to handoff.


We uncover actionable insights.

We seek clarity on the other side of complexity. Our visual, collaborative synthesis process connects dots across a wide swath of research inputs. Our teams can then efficiently converge on concrete and actionable design opportunities.


We generate and evolve promising ideas.

Ideation is iterative and flexible. We work closely with clients and aim to get feedback early and often. At this stage we prioritize learning fast over perfecting polish. This allows us to quickly evolve and advance promising directions.


We learn by doing.

We build to learn; the faster, the better. Prototypes may be work-flow diagrams, click-through screens, cardboard mockups, or code-based builds—whatever helps us learn and improve our designs.


We build rapidly and strategically.

Daylight works with clients to tailor our final deliverables to the specific needs of each project. We work fluidly with clients, developers and manufacturers to achieve the design intent, and we manage the build process with internal client teams, subcontractors, or external vendors.


We launch to learn.

Once a product is released, Daylight provides launch support and ensures clear and complete final documentation. As needed, our teams also support marketing roll-outs, assist with user training, and conduct BML (Build, Measure, Learn) phases with our clients.